Gil Hollis (Matthew Macfadyen, husband of series star, Keeley Hawes) is a charity fund-raiser who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Hollis claims to have had all the charity money stolen in a robbery in episode 1.7, "Charity Begins at Home". DCI Gene Hunt and DI Alex Drake figure out that he staged the robbery himself after Hunt realises that Hollis' assailants would have had to drive past the hooligans who saw no second car and notices the blood smears under the suction cups of Hollis' window Garfield, and Drake recognises the scent of portable toilet chemicals on Hollis' blood-stained shirt. At the end of the episode, Hollis fires several rounds into Luigi's wine bar where the CID are drinking, prompting an angry Hunt to declare that, "I am not dying in a trattoria!". Hollis explains the staged robbery as a plan to win back his wife and children who had left him for putting starving Africans ahead of his own family's welfare. Unarmed WPC Sharon "Shaz" Granger gives chase when Hollis takes flight. With his pocketknife, Hollis retrieves the rolled notes he had hidden in the ends of pipes and throws it all away. When Shaz arrests him, she falls on his knife, resulting in clinical death. Hunt and DC Chris Skelton are particularly enraged; Hunt orders the handcuffed Hollis to his knees and allows Chris to brutally beat him up. DS Ray Carling and Hunt himself join in the retaliatory attack on the "cop killer", ignoring Sergeant Viv James's calls for restraint. They stop only when Alex's CPR efforts revive Shaz at the last minute.